Some of the best customers

Here’s some of the best customers I’ve had the pleasure to work around. We built a whelping kennel for these ladies….and Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center who paid the bills for them.

More to come on the kennel itself, but these are the true stars of this project.

Lena and Bird

These two lovely ladies are always happy to see us and ready to play. Lena enjoys taking your things and running off with them. She loves to be by your side no matter what you are doing. Bird is a gentle girl who loves to run as fast as she can and jump to see if she can fly. She really needs a cape. 

Bird’s attempt at flight
Josie and Sampson

Sampson is all boy and a dog’s dog. He loves tromping around and playing with Josie.


Josie is always excited to see us and loves affection. She is a high energy girl but also enjoys hiding in the bushes with her bone.


Kelly is the oldest and wisest soul on site. Loves the affection but is happy strolling around on her own. A sweet girl behind a viscous bark. Lol.

Macy.. the first momma in the new kennel

Macy is the absolute sweetest girl. Her life is complete with a head rub and some kind words.

Macy’s babies, only a few days old

Finally there’s these two

Lizzy and Hooligan

These are the two I get to come home to and all the shenanigans they can muster. Hooligan is my boy and Lizzy is on her way to becoming a guide dog.

Thanks for trusting us with your project. More to come soon!


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