Metal Siding

Facelift! We replaced old plywood with PBR metal panels and trim. Another happy customer

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TPO Roofing repair by M&M Construction Services LLC

This roof is a great example of why you should check your own work. This roof is less than 3 years old and has leaked since it was completed. Probing your own work will eliminate these small leaks. Upon inspection and probing the welded seams we found at least 10 spots where the probe penetrated the seam, 2 of which

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Some of the best customers

Here’s some of the best customers I’ve had the pleasure to work around. We built a whelping kennel for these ladies….and Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center who paid the bills for them. More to come on the kennel itself, but these are the true stars of this project. These two lovely ladies are always happy to see us and ready

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